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Custom Sound Systems

Custom Sound & Video Systems

History of Showtime Custom Sound

Showtime has made its home in North Central West Virginia since 1991.  We have two store locations.  The main store is conveniently located in Bridgeport, West Virginia at the Meadowbrook Mall.  Our second location is in Beckley, West Virginia at the Crossroads Mall.  Both stores are full line music centers where you can purchase church organs, or digital and acoustic pianos.  If your service is a bit more contemporary we stock over a hundred different guitars and amplifiers, and several drum sets.  Unlike must sound contractors with us having a full retail location this enables us to have a vast inventory to choose from instead of just one brand of speakers, amps, microphones, and mixers.

Our staff within the custom sound division hold 60 years of experience and carry several different certifications such as: Concert Sound, Conference room system design, Distributed sound, advanced loudspeaker technology, Rack fabrication and design, and may more.  Each year we recertify to keep updated with all the new products that are introduced into our market.  We are one of 2,500 sound contractors in a organization called NSCA, National System Contractors Association.  This is a nationally known organization that instills a code of ethics among those who participate.    

Experience the “Sound of the Word”

There are of course, many ways to install the various components necessary to provide sound reinforcement.  The term "sound reinforcement" is a rather loosely defined phrase that generally refers to some group of equipment to reinforce a musical performance or a speaker's voice in a mid to large building.  The function of the sound system goes considerably beyond just satisfying the musical portions of your service.  We often provide technical assistance for many churches, ministers, music directors, church choirs, and gospel groups.  We at Showtime Music Inc. know that it takes a lot of researching, composing, writing, and rehearsing for the sermon or lesson on each Sunday.  In recognition of the foregoing, we design the sound reinforcement system with the intention of ensuring that the message and words of inspirational instruction are able to be understood clearly in every seat within your sanctuary.

“Our Dedication To You”


We have a staff of highly trained technical people who will design a system to best suit your needs.  We began by talking to you to learn about your present system and your churches future needs.  We design with the future in mind.  Many times, immediate requirements can be met with less expensive packaged sound system; however, this may not always be cost effective in the long run because packaged systems generally are more "closed systems" in that they cannot always be added onto as your congregation grows along with your technical needs.

We are specialists in designing, installing, and calibrating sound reinforcement systems.  We also provide technical training so that your personnel can be trained to understand capabilities of your sound equipment.  This training is on going and can be done through out the year for additional fees.  We study the acoustics and take the proper measurements of your sanctuary and will provide you with recommendations for the correct equipment and proper placement of that equipment to meet the objective of ensuring both the music and spoken word are reproduced with a transparent and natural sound that is uniform in both level and frequency response through out the sanctuary.

At Showtime Music, we do more than just sell sound equipment.  We offer designing, engineering, installation, calibration, testing, training, service and even extended service.  we are thankful for our God-given gift of intelligence and understanding that enables us to serve you as you serve him. 

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